Winnie The Pooh & Friends Cuddle Blanket With Rattle

winnie pooh blankie cuddle rattleOne of the most treasured memories for many people of their early childhood is of their security blanket or “Blankie”. These precious items are a fixture for many children, starting from when they are babies. Children associate theses types of blankets with safety and security, with smells and textures that comfort them, even if they are away from their normal surroundings. This collection of Winnie The Pooh, Tigger & Eeyore cuddle blankets with built in rattle not only make excellent “Blankie”, but can be used as a child play mat, cuddle blanket, or swaddle blanket .


Winnie The Pooh Cuddle Blanket With Rattle

This adorable Winnie The Pooh cuddle blanket is perfect to be used as a soft and cuddly baby wrap or as your babies favorite security blanket. Made from premium fleece material, this light blue cuddle blanket features a distinctive decorative edging, specially designed to stimulate growing infants. This blankie also includes a textured teething element on the front to help your child through the difficult teething stage and a satin texture that “crinkles” to provide further simulations. The centerpiece of this cuddle blanket is the plush Winnie The Pooh head, arm and torso which rattles. This rattle is soft enough for your baby to chew and play with and is perfect for them to hold onto as they grow a little bigger and start to crawl and walk.

winnie pooh fleece cuddle blanky

Disney Tigger Cuddle Blankie With Rattle

tigger cuddle blankie with rattleYour little bundle of joy will be bouncing around like Tigger with this Tigger Cuddle Blanket from Disney. This popular security blanket has become the much loved “Blanky” of a generation of children and is constructed from quality fleece material – ensuring that it’s both super soft and cozy. Suitable as a day to day blanket, a cuddle wrap or to place your child upon so that they can play, they will be fascinated by the cute Tigger head that rattles, which your toddler can use as a convienant hand hold when carrying this blanket. This cuddle blanket also contains a decorative border and satin crinkle corner on the back that makes a soft but satisfying crinkle noise. As an added bonus, there’s a textured teether on the front corner which will help ease your baby through the teething stage.

tigger fleece blankie

Disney Eeyore Baby Cuddle Blanket

disney eeyore cuddle blankieYour child will look ever so sweet wrapped in this Eeyore cuddle blanket, proudly supplied from Disney. This blanket can be used to lay your child over a cold floor to play, as a security blanket or “blankie” or as a conventional blanket to keep your baby snug in their pram or cot. A delightful green color, the Eeyore head that is the centerpiece of this blanket is constructed from a soft, plush material which rattles plus as your child grows, its easy for your child to hold onto the Eeyore head while they are carrying this blanket. Like the other Winnie The Pooh cuddle blankets in this collection from Disney, it feautres a blue colored teether on one corner, a decorative border and crinkle corner on the back which makes noise when your child moves that part of the blanket.

eeyore fleece blanket

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