Frodo and Gandalf Throw Blankets With Sleeves

bilbo baggins snuggieYou don’t need to carry “the precious” all the way to the lava pits, deep in the mountain of Mordor, to experience the wonders of the Lord Of The Rings universe at home with this collection of authentic licensed Snuggie products featuring Hobbits and the wizard Gandalf. Featuring unique designs that capture the essence of your favorite Middle Earth characters, these snuggle blankets not only look stylish, but will keep you warm and comfortable, even on nights that would send even the hardiest of Orcs to huddle around their cook fires. Specially crafted to fit most adults, these Peter Jackson inspired sleepwear items are the perfect gift for any LOTR or Tolkien fan and thanks to their authentic nature, will last longer then Elven dynasty that ensured safety and stability across the known lands.

Bilbo/ Frodo Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves

Whether you fell in love with fantasy’s most epic adventure with the book “The Hobbit” in school or became enthralled in the adventure through Peter Jackson’s Academy Award winning movies, this Hobbit inspired wearable throw blanket will prove that you are the biggest Lord Of The Rings fan in your neighborhood. No matter if it’s Samwell, Pippen, Merry, Frodo or the original Hobbit himself, Bilbo, that is your favorite, this officially sanctioned product will allow you to pretend that you are attending your chores around “The Shire” while keeping the evil winter chill at bay. Perfect to double as an unusual Halloween costume, this Snuggie is perfect for day to day use. Perfect to wear during breakfast, second breakfast, morning tea, elevensies, lunch and then for an afternoon nap, this Hobbit gown will give to you years of pleasure while allowing a large degree of freedom of movement around the house or while tending your garden. Best of all, this garment will make you look just like a Hobbit without growing hairy feet or extra fingers and toes!

official hobbit blanket in boxlotr wrap


Gandalf The Brown/White Snuggie

wizard blanket

You may not be able to stop a flaming Balrog in full flight under a Dwarven mountain, but you will feel like the master of your own domain with this Gandalf Snuggie, direct from the Lord Of The Rings universe. Perfect for Christmas, this official product from Peter Jackson will inspire you to overcome the coldest of winter days. With the legendary advantages of the throw blanket style, including the back clasp and extra wide sleeves, you will feel like you can perform magic by being able to undertake your household activities, including cleaning, gardening and working on your computer, while staying as warm as if you were having second breakfast around a Hobbit’s campfire. Constructed from super soft, fleece material, this doesn’t look like the thread bare wrap warn by the mighty brown wizard in the The Fellowship Of The Ring. This wrap is designed to comfortably fit most adults and comes with all the style of Gandalf, the most powerful wizard of Middle Earth, but with none of the responsibility, so you won’t feel guilty sitting on the couch, watching the game instead of conquering the greatest evil known to Dwarf, Elf and Man.

official wizard wrap

wizard from lotr

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