Adult Elmo Snuggie

adult elmo snuggie faceThe ideal way to indulgence in your love of Elmo and all things Sesame Street in the privacy of your own home, this collection of Elmo Snuggies for Adults and Youths will keep you comfortable and warm from your head to your toes. First off today is the Elmo Face Snuggie (pictured to the left). Featuring a montage of Elmo heads all showing his trademark smile, this blanket with sleeves also includes a full hood, ensuring no matter how cold the night temperature gets, the lucky recipient of this cuddle blanket will stay as snug as a bug.

Measuring 55″ x 72″, this Elmo Snuggie will fit most adult men or women and is suitable for older youths. Designed to hang all the way to your feet, the famous “Snuggie” design with back binding and extra large sleeves allows Elmo fans of any age to perform their favorite activities at home or in the garden, without sacrificing warmth or comfort. Machine washable for extra convenience, this adult Elmo Snuggie has already proved popular and stocks will not last.

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Cute Black Elmo Snuggie

elmo snuggie mens

Just like the color black, Elmo is always in style! Make sure the man of your life looks adorable this winter in this super soft Elmo snuggie, featuring Elmo’s famous head on a deep black background. This one size fits most snuggle blanket is constructed from high quality polyester and is machine washable for easy care. Also suitable for women and larger children, this blanket incorporates generously sized sleeve, two pockets for storage as you move around the house and a secure tie closure at the back. Elmo snuggies are always popular and stock is always limited so buy yours today!

elmo black snuggie

Adult Elmo Snuggie In Youth & Adult Sizes

elmo snuggie for adults

Looking for the perfect combination of Elmo’s iconic smile and an all purpose Snuggie to help you see out the colder months? Than this Adult Elmo Snuggie is for you! Available in Adult and Youth/Small Adult sizes, there is an Elmo snuggle blanket to cater for men or women of almost any age and size. Both Snuggies are constructed from super soft, fleece material, perfectly designed to keep you both warm and cozy yet is still machine washable.

The full adult blanket measures 55″ x 70″ and features velcro tabs for secure fastening at the back. Additional velcro tabs allow you to adjust the length of this cuddle blanket, making it ideal for shorter people or to adjust when doing activities around the house.

The youth/small adult Elmo snuggle blanket measures 48″ x 60″ and is ideally suited for teenagers, women and smaller men. This official Sesame Street product gives all the freedom your hands need while undertaking your favorite activities including using laptops/iPad’s, using the television remote, preparing dinner, reading a book and more, without sacrificing warmth and comfort.

Bring the winter chills to an end permanently by purchasing either the Adult Size Elmo Snuggie or the Youth/Small Adult Elmo Snuggie at a great price from

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